Home for the Holidays

To celebrate the holidays, I returned to the U.S. for one week, which I spent in its entirety with my family at our farm near Augusta, Georgia. At this stage in life, family reunions always are bittersweet: the grandkids no longer are kids, and my parents are so fragile that I never know if this will be our last time together. So be it…somehow, we manage to come together from wherever we are (Linda flew in from Albania), if only briefly, and we absolutely revel in each other’s company. My greatest blessing is my family: imperfect as we are, yes, but filled with so much love and understanding. Just being with them is the best Christmas gift for me.

All of my Christmas presents to the family were handcrafted in Romania. You’ll note that my dad and the grandsons are wearing traditional Romanian hats. Included below are a few pictures taken by my dear sister-in-law Sandy.