New Term Begins

Term II finally began this past week at Babeș-Bolyai University  in Cluj, and I am delighted to have something productive to do again. As it stands now…

I will teach all of the graduating English minors in the Faculty of Letters in a Seminar in Modern American Drama. My roster lists 138 students who have been divided into three sections. Each section of 40+ students meets with me for two hours every other Friday morning with one beginning at 8:00 a.m. (!) and the other at 10:00. It’s been many years since I’ve taught a class this early or this large, so I’m a bit anxious, but this is my only chance to teach undergraduates during this grant.

My first seminar section on Friday, March 3.

Within the same department, I also will substitute at least once for colleague Melanie Shoffner in her course “American Culture and Civilization: Schooling America.”

I still am waiting to resolve my directing slot at the Faculty of Theatre and Television. The current plan is that I’ll direct the musical The Fantasticks as the year-end showcase for the first-year Masters actors. Rehearsals will begin in late April (after our spring break) with one or two performances slated for the third week of May. My need for resolution comes with MTI, the musical’s license holder: I’ve called and emailed several times but haven’t been able yet to secure the needed approval and special arrangements. So it goes. I’ll wait patiently for another week and then call and email again.

Münster, Germany

For theatre, I’ll also guest lecture on stage management for their graduate students. No specific plans or dates have been determined yet.

Until rehearsals begin, I’ll travel whenever possible between my classes. Fortunately, my new home base in Cluj has two discount carriers (WIZZ and Blue Air) with cheap, direct flights to many interesting cities. Currently, I’m in Münster, Germany, visiting a dear college friend, who is a professor at the Hochschule für Musik in nearby Detmold. On this particular long weekend trip, I’ll also train south to Luxembourg (one of the few European countries I haven’t visited yet) and then north to Rotterdam.