Brașov Report

brasov 2
Brașov from my October visit.

The final Fulbright meeting with the Commission will be in Brașov next week, the same week as the premiere of my musical, so I will not be able to attend. The grantees have been asked to prepare a short presentation summarizing their experiences in Romania. This post will serve as my “public” report.

I greatly regret that I won’t be able to join my American and Romanian colleagues in what is sure to be a celebration of our year together. Have a great time!

Courses Taught

Term #1: Pedagogy, National University of Theatre and Cinematography (UNATC), Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature. Graduate course in teaching methods offered for the 18 students in the Masters degree program in pedagogy at UNATC. In addition to our weekly Tuesday classes, I spent two Saturdays at UNATC Jr. observing my students “in action” as they taught acting workshops for city youth (pre-K through 12th grade). Liaison/Supervisor: Nicu Mandea, Rector of UNATC   [Course Website]

Term #1: Reinventing the Classics in American Theatre, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Theatre. Graduate course on classical plays as “reinvented” in theatre productions in the U.S. with emphasis on how the plays’ themes and issues are relevant to American society today. Classes on Wednesdays for 14 first-year Masters students in the American Studies Program. Liaison/Supervisor: Roxana Oltean, Program Coordinator for American Studies [Course Website]

Term #2: Modern American Drama, Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters. Undergraduate seminar for all English minors graduating this year. 138 students split into three different sections/classes that meet on Friday mornings. Liaison/Supervisor: Rareș Moldovan, Chair of English Department. [Course Website]

Guest Lectures

Term #1: Business Leadership, Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Host Professor: Mariana Nicolae. One class session for 14 graduate students. October, 2016. [Blog Post]

Term #2: American Culture & Civilization: Schooling America, Babeș-Bolyai University. Host Professor: Melanie Shoffner, Fulbright Scholar. One class session for appr. 35 undergraduate students. March, 2017. [Blog Post]

Theatre Production

The Fantasticks, Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Television. Currently, I am directing this musical as the end-of-year showcase for the eight students in the first-year Masters Acting Program. For these actors, this is their first musical as well as their first English-language production. The premiere is scheduled for May 20 at the Fabrica de Pensule (Paintbrush Factory) here in Cluj. Liaison/Supervisor: Miruna Runcan. [Blog Post]


Ambassador’s Roundtable, Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission, Bucharest. An afternoon discussion about the Fulbright program that included Ambassador Hans Klemm and Mala Adiga, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Academic Programs. October, 2016. [Blog Post]

Selection Committee, Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission, Bucharest. Two-days of interviews and discussions to select the Romanian scholars who will receive Fulbright grants to teach and research in the U.S. during the next academic year. January, 2017. [Blog Post]

Conference Paper

SHqIP: The Vietnam Project, presented at the International Conference on Language, Literature, and Cultural Policies: “The Past in the Present.” University of Craiova. September, 2016. [Blog Post] [Paper]

Social Media

David McTier in Romania, my ongoing blog about this Fulbright grant. 35 posts currently. [Website]

Last summer, I created a “secret group” on Facebook to communicate with our grantees.


I arrived in Romania on September 19, 2016. Since then, I have made numerous trips and have visited the following countries, listed here in reverse chronological order:

  • Northern Ireland: Belfast
  • Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway
  • Cyprus: Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol
  • Montenegro: Kotor
  • Croatia: Dubrovnik
  • Turkey: Istanbul
  • Netherlands: Rotterdam
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg City
  • Germany: Münster
  • Slovakia: Bratislava
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • Morocco: Fes, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech
  • Palestinian Territories: East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho
  • Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
  • Croatia: Zagreb
  • Bosnia: Sarajevo
  • Slovenia: Ljubljana, Bled
  • Moldova: Chisinau
  • Spain: Seville, Granada, Madrid
  • Portugal: Lisbon, Faro
  • Ukraine: Kyiv
  • Romania: Bucharest, Craiova, Brasov, Bran, Constanta, Cluj, Turda